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After 2 years of posting on here I've struggled to find a direction to take this blog in. So this will be the last post. However I am no put off blogging at all. I still read and comment a lot of blogs and I've learnt lots from a lot of people. So come September when I'm all settled in to my new home I should be settled on a direction to take my blog. So keep checking back and I will post a link to a new blog when it's up and running. 

Thanks to my 9 followers and the few randoms who commented I appreciated the far and few comments I received ! 

Peace and Love


Lady and the Tramp

I'm living like a pauper and I'm not even a Uni yet :s !!!
Came home today and had to scrape out a left over baked potato and mike it with a bit of cheese. Seriously no other food in the house. Gunna wait till half 6 when they start reducing things in Tesco to try and get some bargains for dinner. So hungry !!

Check out fashionpearlsofwisdom.blogspot.com to see details of Blog Sale Day, and also just to check out a blog that I really enjoy ! (and where I nabbed the picture from)

I will be taking part in this mass sale day by posting items up for sale on my blog. 
Terms and Conditions for my sale will follow shortly.

I am super excited. I think this is way more personal than ebay, kind of like a world wide clothes swap :) 
Is anyone else taking part? 


Day 2.

Dear Crush,

You are so ridiculously not hot and I believe it is so creepy of me that I will never reveal who you are. You are old enough to be my father and bald enough to my grandfather but that dream I had about you was marvellous. (It was non sexual before I sound like an even bigger creeper) I'd buy a cinema sized TV so that you could be in my presence life size. 



This morning I've already picked a ton of raspberries, done some dishes, caught up with everything on my laptop  and now I'll be able to eat breakfast and read my book in the sunshine.

I'm hoping to finish off my film today then I can post some photos on here :)

I'm feeling summery


From e.

Day 1 — Your Best Friend

Day 2 — Your Crush

Day 3 — Your parents
Day 4 — Your sibling (or closest relative)
Day 5 — Your dreams
Day 6 — A stranger
Day 7 — Your Ex-boyfriend/girlfriend/love/crush
Day 8 — Your favorite internet friend
Day 9 — Someone you wish you could meet
Day 10 — Someone you don’t talk to as much as you’d like to
Day 11 — A Deceased person you wish you could talk to
Day 12 — The person you hate most/caused you a lot of pain
Day 13 — Someone you wish could forgive you
Day 14 — Someone you’ve drifted away from
Day 15 — The person you miss the most
Day 16 — Someone that’s not in your state/country
Day 17 — Someone from your childhood
Day 18 — The person that you wish you could be
Day 19 — Someone that pesters your mind—good or bad
Day 20 — The one that broke your heart the hardest
Day 21 — Someone you judged by their first impression
Day 22 — Someone you want to give a second chance to
Day 23 — The last person you kissed
Day 24 — The person that gave you your favorite memory
Day 25 — The person you know that is going through the worst of times
Day 26 — The last person you made a pinky promise to
Day 27 — The friendliest person you knew for only one day
Day 28 — Someone that changed your life
Day 29 — The person that you want tell everything to, but too afraid to
Day 30 — Your reflection in the mirror

Day One

Dear Best Friend,

We have been friends for 4 years, I can't quite get over that. Your friendship is the one that everyone else's has to live up to. You are so funny and beautiful and incredibly inspiring. You are one tough lady and I wish I could have been there for you more over the last year. You have the best legs any girl could ask for, the brightest bulb in your head box, and the biggest heart under those melons. I miss you more and more every day and hate that money comes between us seeing each other more. You have been a huge influence in my life and this letter is pathetic compared to just how much I love you. 

All my love,

Burnsy xo

Never late for tea

On Friday I was cleaning at my Great Aunts house. I had to clean the inside of al her kitchen cupboards. Among some stranger things (Garlic sauce that went of in '97 and Golden syrup from '02 that looked more like treacle) I found lot of lovely things, including 2 of thee darling glass tea cups

Yesterday evening me and Adam went over to a friends house, and he had bought 2 boxes of tea, a box of white tea from Clipper and a box of Lapsang Souchong from Twinings. 

"A smokey, golden tea that will evoke forests of pine trees and ice-capped mountains with every sip."

Waaaaa it was so smokey and smelt strongly of bonfire, but it was so tasty to drink. It had a liquorice  after taste to it which I love. So yeah I really liked that tea ! 
So we went out for some dinner and then I had to go to Tesco (at midnight) to pick up some pasta and some sugar for my Dad, he is making Jam for us. And we walked past the tea aisle. Oops, I ended up buying Twinings Ltd. Ed. Rose Garden tea, which is a black ea infused with rose. SO tasy, I had it for breakfast this morning. And a box of Liptons Red Fruit  tea which is Strawberry, Cranberry and Raspberry. Quite strong flavoured no wishy washy hint of fruit. And such a gorgeous colour in my glass tea cup :) 

Am I old before my time? Or does anyone else enjoy tea as much as I do? 



Hi everyone !

Today I am getting round to commenting every single post of yours that deserves one as I have neglected you all recently. SORRY !!

I went on a shopping spree yesterday and I bought a new top, ring, earrings and lipstick (as you can see in the lovely posed photos of moi below).

Top - TopShop Necklace - Old Jeans - Old H&M Earrings - TopShop Crazy Hair - My own

I have been given an amazing opportunity to be a photographers assistant a a rockabilly themed wedding !!! I get to dress up and get in to character and shoot all these beautifully dressed up people !  I'm having a bit of trouble finding an outfit however as I have 15£ budget to spend.
I'm thinking day wear... cut offs, gingham shirts leopard print shoes and a bandanna? I'd love to go full pin up high waisted skirt, hair flower and wedges but I'll be running around for 12 hours ! I'm so excited :)


It was not your fault but mine

Hello everyone !

DO you any of you wear contact lenses? If so, have you ever stopped at a red light in your car and taken them out, only to discover that what you thought were your glasses are in fact your sun glasses and the world has suddenly gone black at half 2 in the morning half an hour away from home. Well. I have, :( Learn from my lesson everyone because it's definitely not worth learning yourself.

Anyway, so I haven't gotten any work from my flyers yet :(
But I have got halls at uni, anddd a new car. It's not new it' older than my last, so old it's an H reg with only 6 digits on the number plate and I can't find an image of it on google. It's very rock'n'roll in a time warp kind of way and I am grateful for anything these days so I feel cool driving it. ALSO LOVING that I can hook my iPod up through the tape player and play my mix tape again. Love !

I want a nice navy/ black elegant day and evening max dress. I'm awful at shopping, has anyone seen any nice ones? I want a jersey or cotton one. And it has to be a classic so I can invest in it. Not too much to ask haha. I would appreciate your help on this one.

I'm terrible at commenting you all, but everyone who I follow, and who comments/ follows me I do always check all your posts and they always make my days so thank you all for being YOU :) And I will try and comment more often. Shame on me !



Backstreets Back

Well, I am ! 

I've been away, sorry, but I'm back now with plenty to tell you. Here is a photo of a card I made my dad's friend ...

Mr. Hare

In September I'm going to Bath Spa University and on FB there was a group of people having a meet up in Bath to get to know each other before we go, so me and my boyfriend went along and took a couple of friends who aren't coming to uni, but they chipped in petrol. We had SUCH a nice day because the weather was lush and Bath is beautiful. But I have never met such rude and hostile people ! The other people who went didn't introduce themselves to us and split away from us. We were meant to meet them in a park for a picnic but when we got there and they weren't there we found out they had gone to a restaurant for lunch ! And all day they were just leaving us out. It was so strange and they were so immature about it. However they didn't ruin our day, we had so much fun anyway so it didn't matter !

I've been down on my luck recently in trying to find a job so I've taken matters into my own hands !

Also, I finished my Foundation course last week, and I got Merit for all the units so I am so pleased about that ! Really happy :)   

How have everyone's exams gone? Is anyone else SUPER excited about starting Uni in September? What are you looking forward to most? I'm looking forward to choosing my own food, and having my own space and not having to DRIVE everywhere :) I'm on the look out for a bike ! I'm also going to ask for a video camera for my belated birthday present from my parents so I can film Uni from the start. Moving in, night out and new friends :) 

What else... corr this is a long one hehe ! Oh yeah check out www.aaddaamm.co.uk I know I am biased as he is my lover but I do love his work !  Here are some favourites...

Enjoy and comment. Sorry I have been gone so long but I hope this mega post makes up for it !

ALSO I bought 2 new Barry M nail varnishes in Mushroom and Berry Ice Cream a they were 2 for £5 at Boots. I LOVE them. So nice ! Also I tried a new foundation, Barbara Daly@Tesco Oil Free, it's really nice, I would recommend it for oily skin at £7 ! 



I've been busy and also sad so I haven't posted in an age. Here's a depressing book cover that is as equally beautiful from one of my favourite blogs "http://bookcoversanonymous.blogspot.com/" Anyway I'd hate to depress you all so I'll post again
 when I'm happy again. Peace and Broccoli



I can't wait to see my girlfriends again tonight :) They are back for the summer after leaving for Uni all year ! All mine again in the glorious days of bare feet, long nights, pink roller blades and lots of vodkalemon&limes *



I think this is like £400 worth of stuff, and with the £200 Luella bag I want that adds up to 600 times the amount of money in my purse mmm


I decided to celebrate

My 100th post with gothic anti christ nails


why does noone follow me :( I have no real life friends and no blog friends :(

an emo post to go with my emo nails rah haha
Im going shopping tomorrow with two girlfriends I haven't seen in time. Gunna be good if I can find ome moola xo

p.s cba with real english today
Just at college at the moment printing out all the magazine layouts i've been working on. 
It's taking a while to do everything as everyone is vying for my tutors attention, and the printer is super quality so it takes a bit of time to come out. But the first two are looking fabbo !

Here are some things I'm looking at/ thinking about right now

so here is a brilliant idea I just came across

Keep those pesky cables under control  !

Beautiful photo from glassoflight.com

I really enjoy Richard Kerns work at the moment and watching interviews with him

I would kill to drive around in this !

I really wish I was eating this right now
Send it my way bbcgoodfood.com


The truth

Here's a photo of me from when I lived on the moon

As you can tell I've done LOADS of work tonight...



Like buses

I don't post for ages and then I most multiple !

I forgot to mention something funny. This morning when lots of people were sitting in exam halls, I was too! I took my GCSE's 4 years ago, my A Levels 2 years ago. I was an invigilator !! Oh my GOODNESS it is the most boring job. Anyway, the funny part is that while all the kids with nerves and apprehension sat biting their nails and writing their answers, I was the one running out of the room nearly passing out ! I think it was the fumes from the floor covering and the lack of ventilation. 

Here are is a photo I just took:

And here is a little photo of me. I've sold a lot of my clothes over he last few months as I haven't had a job and I don't like borrowing money, so I've been feeling a bit boring with my outfits lately. UNTIL... I was about to chuck a top out for no fitting me properly any more when I was hit with the usual guilt about  throwing something in the actual bin (it's a Primark top, it's misshapen and old, noone else would wants it etc.) when I had a flash of inspiration. Here is my very own skirt top ! Haha ...

The top skirt is stripy and at my feet is an old type writer that doesn't work any more :( And some loo roll for Grumpy Monkeys hay fever. 

Peace and Lush xo


I acquired 2 new followers :) I love to see my following counter go up ! Hello lovely new followers, say hi some time, I like having things to reply to and also hearing peoples input so don't be afraid to leave a little comment.

Today I'm loving:
*Paul Simon
*Barry M nail varnish
*Grumpy Monkey

Today I'm not loving:
*Writers block
*Selfishness - it wont get you anywhere stupid girl

www.eyeslipsface.co.uk have free shiping atm, check out their FB page (e.l.f cosmetics) for the code. Someone buy some tasty treats, I love their stuff but I don't have any money at the moment so someone else needs to be made happy by cheap treats. Maybe I'll do an Elf give away so you can all see how lovely the products are :)
Anyone else bought stuff there?
I'm moving to Bath soon and there is a MAC store there... good bye loan !

Mr Scruff is so amazing, his music ALWAYS cheers me up ! Who is your go to band when you're feeling poo? Mine is Mr Scruff or The Yeah Yeah Yeah's, although I could listen to The YYY's any time of nigh or day. I could listen to them and noone else for the rest of my life and not get bored !

If you had to choose just one band to listen to for the rest of your life who would it be?
Maybe we'll all find a new favourite band in the comments :)

Peas and Love xo




Finished "Choose Death"
Started this post
Just ate a mini twix - nice and crunchy out of the fridge


My computer freezes trying to render type
I get 1/10 annoyed.


I manage to work out what I'm trying to do and am no longer annoyed. My computer unfroze.
I can feel wrinkles forming on my face from the stress !
Having major trouble working out my page numbers. 3/10 annoyed.

Cracks page numbers by having to be a dumb as and write them down. I wrote them down wrong TWICE. third time lucky.
I'm glad Eddie Vedder just came on to calm me.
Annoyance back down to zero.

I've forgotten what I'm doing now.

Have finished two more layouts. Bloody hell. This is taking time.

Thought I was done, then realised I've completely forgotten one of the pages. OOPS.
Better crack on.

IT'S BEING SO SLOW. Although I'm surprised my laptop hasn't cut out yet. TOUCH WOOD

Third page completed.
Just realised some of he stuff I did at College today hasn't saved onto my stick. FU technology. Now I have t stop wha I'm doing to empty the dish washer. My least favourite chore.

JPEGS of layouts could be put up if you want to see them? Layouts of my magazine I've created btw. Did I tell you all about that? Can't remember let me know !

Love and Peachy Bums



I was there

Wish upon a star

Lying in my haven in Sleepy Kittens T-Shirt and my pants, listening to the 'relax' play list on www.stereomood.com (recommended), with Sleepy Kitten asleep on the bed. Wearing my Barry M mint green nail polish which went on without a smudge, and 3 pieces of work complete around me and a list of fun things to do. 

I wish every day was like this.

Yesterday I bough the Bourjois Paris Lovely Rouge lipstick in 02 Rose essentiel. £2 was a nice price to take a risk and I won. It's perfect. It's replacing my staple red lip. I'm going to wear it every day this summer.  

I cherish days like this from the moment I wake up until I fall asleep at night. On days like this I get things done and I cook nice food. On bad days I think of days like this and try and motivate myself.  On days like this I feel peaceful and wish for every day to be the same. I promise that when my life is made up of a succession of good days I won't take a single one of them for granted.


love love love

I just found this on a random blog I was browsing and now following (http://littlemissmetamorph.blogspot.com/). So I'm going to do this and I 'tag' all of you who read this to do it too !

Three names I go by:
1- Delilah
2- Molly
3- MollyAnne 
Three jobs I have had:
1- Book Store
2- Waitress 
3- Clothes shop
Three places I have lived:
1- Aldershot
2- Axford
3- The moon
Three favorite drinks:
1 -Lemonade
2 - peach schnapps
3 - rose
Three TV shows I watch:
2 - Lost
3- Lost
Three places I have been: 
1- Paris
2- Majorca
3- The moon
Three places I would like to visit:
1- Tokyo
2- Scotland 
3- Miami
Three people who text me regularly:
1 - O2
2 - My mum
3 - This is making me look lame
Three favorite old TV shows:
1 - Hotel Babylon
2- Mad House
3- Art Attack
Three favorite dishes:
1- Carbonara 
2- Thai Curry
3- Macaroons
Three makeup/beauty products I cannot live without:
1- Concealer (with anti blemish in)
2- Mascara
3- Vaseline
Three things I'm looking forward to:
1- Uni
2- Student Loan
3-Summer sun


I haven't posted in nearly a week. Sorry my few followers ! This might be a long one!

Disposable fashion
I've watched tons of make-up tutorial videos on youtube recently because I felt boring with my make-up and wanted to play around with it but didn't know where to start. So I've learnt loads which has been great and bought a few great new products which were recommended. Great ! I also like to watch, as a guilty pleasure, haul videos, and I was watching this one and this girl kept going on about how she loves cheap fashion stores and disposable clothes. Oh my god, I was a bit disgusted ! A few days later an old friend came over (and I love her) but I was shocked to hear how she will buy a couple vests for a couple of quid, rotate them for the month, and then chuck them in the bin. Literally in a bin, not in a charity bag or a recycling unit ! I hate this idea!! About a year ago I stopped shopping in Primark because their clothes don't last, and when you've gotten over them, charity shops won't take them and you end up putting them in the bin ! I have a feeling this stems from people trying harder and harder to be "fashionable" ! You buy every trend that it's season at an affordable price, then chuck it all out ready for next season. To save me ranting on for ages I'm going to summarise. Why don't we all take a leaf out of French women's books and rotate the same wardrobes of classic pieces every season/ year, updating them with key trend accessories/ odd piece? I'm not an eco-warrior but I do think it's such a waste to be so frivolous with clothes, when really it's a luxury to be able to choose what we wear ! What do you reckon?

Also, don't you just hate it when you don't have plans for month and then suddenly everything happens at once ! 

I've got a £15 voucher to spend in Top Shop but I don't really like Top Shop, dos anyone have any suggestions of what I could spend it on? I'm looking for a nice classic handbag at the moment, has anyone seen any nice ones? 

Keep following, be fun, be free and keep leaving me things to reply to 
Peace and Love


I took a photo of myself

And here it is. If you like my knee press follow and we can have lots of fun. Today I got up at 7.30am and went for a swim. I swam for 25 minutes straight. When I got out I almost passed out. There was also an argument between some people in the pool. All in all a pretty eventful day and it wasn't even 9 in the morn. 

So last night was the Lost finale! Exciting stuff. For some. I'm about to watch season 3 episode 19, so I've got a bit of a way to go yet ! Any lost fans out there? If you love Lost follow me haha gayyy 

I don't know why I look so sarcastic in above photo. Sorry about that chicas xo


A haul with a difference

So I've been trying to have a more positive outlook in time for the end of college and my last official summer at home, so I've been forcing myself out of bed before 9 more than once a fortnight. I love early mornings as I always feel I get a lot more done in the morning if I get up early, than if I stayed up late and did stuff in the evening. So last week a friend and I met at 8.30 for a swim, and then we went for a walk to our local bluebell woods which were BEAUTIFUL at 9 in the morning (I can't swim lengths for long yet but I'll le you know when I hit an hour straight) So I can't wait to get that roll developed. 

This morning my boyfriend and I got up at 8 pulled on some clothes (ERROR I put on jeans... it was like 25degrees and I swear I sweated off a few pounds in my little denim sauna) and off we popped to the biggest car boot sale in the county. Bloody hell we had to que for half an hour to get in but BOY was it worth it.

Cowboy Boots - 50p !!!
Tin - 50p also (I'm using it as a pencil tin for now to show it off ;) )
KODAK MAN BADGE - £2 for 6, we bought the lot because we loved them so much. One has a little home on my make up bag. 

I love car boot sales, I always seem to find such a great bargains, and  don't mind buying second hand. There was this gorgeous tea set I found, my second error of the day was not buying it. 

Is it just me who sops second hand for everything in my life? Or do you find treats in charity shops, car boots and flea markets? Let me know what treasures you've found !


Whooooppieeeeeee !

So I posted a photo of some Macaroons I made for my 20th and poor old Kim (http://www.magpieeyesx.blogspot.com/) had never found them England ! A travesty in my eyes ! 
Anyway she the put me on to cake called a Whoopie Pie. After a bit of research I discovered that Whoopie Pies are a cakey sandwhich treat... "Amish women would bake these (known as hucklebucks at the time) and put them in farmers' lunchboxes. When farmers would find these treats in their lunch, they would shout "Whoopie!"" I loved this story so I hunted down a recipe and baked some up. I am, as I type taking my first bite... and my god they are delicious ! Sweet and sickly but so more-ish. I  recommend you get some butter milk and make these right away (Recipe; http://www.goodtoknow.co.uk/recipes/451718/Chocolate-whoopie-pie)

Perfect comfort food. 

The sprinkles were supposed to be a 'K' but it got a bit deformed :S



Here's a long awaited photo of the macaroons I made for my Birthday Lunch :) 

PB Cookies revision

The cookies I made yesterday, I realised today, had 6 tablespoons of flour too little! Although they were tasty super tasty like that I decided to cook them again today with the correct 8 tablespoons of flour. 

Just as good ! If not better, as they came out slightly more crunchy. I was afraid that the added flour would dry the cookies out so I melted down some chocolate and dipped the bottoms in to stop them from sticking to the ro of my mouth. 


Crunchy Peanut Butter Cookies... Yum !

I got up at 9 this morning and baked some cookies before going off to clean for my Great Aunt which I do once a week. The cookies are so tasty ! Here's the (super simple) recipe and some photos to accompany !

I took four round to my Great Aunts and she described them as "melt in the mouth" A fantastic compliment I think. Happy Days.

Also, the note book the recipe is written in was a belated birthday present from Big Sis (http://darwindarwinsblog.blogspot.com) It's like a diary but with no dates. I's hard to explain but it's lush. 

Anyway here is song to go with the cookies. I recommend you make them. It's so simple and easy to do, and they're melt in the mouth ;) 



As you may or may not know I am doing a foundation in Graphic Design at College at the moment. It is the end of the year and like every one I have a final major project.

I've set myself the task of creating a new magazine. The idea behind my magazine is that it's sort of a 'word of mouth' publication, in that readers will provide ideas of what they wish to spread the word about so the idea would be that they'd write in and recommend something to be investigated, or they would send in pieces to be published etc.

Bands - This us where you come in ! Instead of boring adverts throughout the pages of my  publication, I would have flyers from bands, charities, events, things that would be of interest and use to my readers, independent record shops and boutiques, what ever you can think of. (A donation would be made or even sponsorship would become established if this were a real project to keep it afloat obviously) 

ANYWAY I need your band flyers to put in my pages, as all the content is live I need flyers for real shows/ releases. Think you can help? Send me a link to your flyer or post them in my comments. If your friends bands are playing shows send me theirs !  I would love to see them all and also you'd all be helping me out loads ! 

Thanks Peace and Love xo


I wish I was French

Last night while Babysitting I started to flick through the French Women Don't Get Fat Cook Book. And oh my goodness I  fell in love. I find Mireille and the French's ethos to eating similar to mine and I can't wait to get my hands on a copy of the book to reform my day to day eating habits. After all, for someone who loves food I seem to eat a lot of sicky junk. 

So in the spirit of a hearty breakfast I made myself this morning, a poached egg on seeded bread with rocket and pepper. It was delicious ! 


Work Load Over Load

Oh my days !  I've been re-inspired by the discovery of Sketchbook magazine (http://www.sketchbookmagazine.com/)  I've got stuck in a bit of mental rut with my creation of a new magazine but this magazine has really boosted my idea generations that I've created a whole list of things I want to do for my final show but I only five weeks ! I need to get my bum in gear eek! 

Also finally put my birthday money in the bank so as soon as elf's facebook page hits 42,000 fans that mineral foundation and blush is mine. When they reach a round number of fans the send out codes for free postage, and rumour has it you get freebies as well) Check out their website (www.eyeslipsface.co.uk or .com if you're in the U.S.A) None of their products are tested on animals and they are working towards having all their products vegan friendly (apart from their animal hair brushes) And at £1.50 ($1) an item you can't feel guilty.  


New Days Resoltution

To spend more time networking and finding followers so I can connect with more like minded people to share ideas and thoughts to make the most of the internet.

Peace and Love 


Magic Cave of Amzing Finds strikes again !

There's this charity shop in a secret location that I refuse to share with anyone because all I find in there is pure gold. Behold the Cowboy Boot Clog. Throw away your Chanel clogs I'v found something better and about two grand cheaper.


Birthday Menu

Afternoon Tea


Green Tea
Earl Grey
Every Day

Cheese Straws
And Birthday Cake

(All made from scratch)


Goats Cheese on toasted Tiger Bread with hot onion chutney

Penne with minted pea cream sauce
Parma Ham and Salami
Crusty Bread

Eton Mess with Strawberries and Blueberries
Rhubarb&Custard Cake

We are all now roly-poly puddings! I cooked lunch and dinner for 13 people and I am exhausted now but quite proud of myself. Not much time for taking photos but I took a couple on film so those will come soon.

Love and Peace

p.s I turn 20 tomorrow.. grown uppppp



Please enjoy my two new favourite videos while reading my make up review. My hunt for the perfect eye brow pencil is over. Finally !

O.K So today I went on the hunt for 3 things:
1. Lip/ Cheek Tint
2. Grey nail varnish
3. Bronzer

And low and be hold SuperDrug are doing a 3 for £5 offer !! Now normally I am a snob. But a girl must make compromises when she hasn't had a job for almost 8 months. So I gave it a go. The brand is called 2True (Classy, I know) So I bought a bronzer (Shade 2) Rose Tinted Stain for lips and cheeks but they didn't have any nice shades of nail varnish. THEN I spotted the eyebrow pencils. I have been searching high and low for the perfect budget eye brow pencil. I think I've bloody found it !!! It's a really nice natural colour (Shade No. 1) and it's not cakey at all. I'm so happy. 

So the bronzer was a whim as I have never bought bronzer before so I thought I'm useless on going on recommendations, you have to go on what works for you. I bought Shade 2 by accident but it's quite a versatile little number. I'm quite pale so it's quite dark for me, but used in moderation it gives a nice colour, and it blends really easily as well which is nice.It's also quite matte for a bronzer so I'll be able to use it to contour. Now I just need to get my hand on an Eelf Coffee and Cream duo as recommended by lillieloves on youtube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zvDCdnwvauc&feature=channel

The lip and cheek tint (mouthful!) is also laaavly. It's a very subtle flirty pink colour, it smells like cheap perfume but it's a lush colour.

This post is way too long ! Love yaz bye xo