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I acquired 2 new followers :) I love to see my following counter go up ! Hello lovely new followers, say hi some time, I like having things to reply to and also hearing peoples input so don't be afraid to leave a little comment.

Today I'm loving:
*Paul Simon
*Barry M nail varnish
*Grumpy Monkey

Today I'm not loving:
*Writers block
*Selfishness - it wont get you anywhere stupid girl

www.eyeslipsface.co.uk have free shiping atm, check out their FB page (e.l.f cosmetics) for the code. Someone buy some tasty treats, I love their stuff but I don't have any money at the moment so someone else needs to be made happy by cheap treats. Maybe I'll do an Elf give away so you can all see how lovely the products are :)
Anyone else bought stuff there?
I'm moving to Bath soon and there is a MAC store there... good bye loan !

Mr Scruff is so amazing, his music ALWAYS cheers me up ! Who is your go to band when you're feeling poo? Mine is Mr Scruff or The Yeah Yeah Yeah's, although I could listen to The YYY's any time of nigh or day. I could listen to them and noone else for the rest of my life and not get bored !

If you had to choose just one band to listen to for the rest of your life who would it be?
Maybe we'll all find a new favourite band in the comments :)

Peas and Love xo


Rachael Thomas said...

I would listen to The Beatles! I love them and always have! Oh and ps I am still thinking about putting the wolf up for sale.. but I will be putting prints up for sale by the end of the month! It made me smile that you liked it! Thanks! I love your blog!

Finn said...

One band for the rest of my life?
Hmmm, I would be stuck between Sia, Interpol, Two Door Cinema Club, Crystal Castles and basically every other artist on my iPod.

Delilah said...

R - Put a print aside for me, I'll save some pennies :) Sorry if I scared you shouting like that haha your blog is wonderful, it always inspires me to make things !

F - You would be pants if you ever went on Desert Island Discs ;) I know how you feel, now I've thought about it some more I can't believe I'd never be able to hear The Beatles again xo

Kim said...

i adore paul simon, yes oh yes. As you know i'm not hot on make-up. But i adore mac make-up. I'm moving the city in a few months, so goodbye money. I literally can't name one band- too much music to process!