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Like buses

I don't post for ages and then I most multiple !

I forgot to mention something funny. This morning when lots of people were sitting in exam halls, I was too! I took my GCSE's 4 years ago, my A Levels 2 years ago. I was an invigilator !! Oh my GOODNESS it is the most boring job. Anyway, the funny part is that while all the kids with nerves and apprehension sat biting their nails and writing their answers, I was the one running out of the room nearly passing out ! I think it was the fumes from the floor covering and the lack of ventilation. 

Here are is a photo I just took:

And here is a little photo of me. I've sold a lot of my clothes over he last few months as I haven't had a job and I don't like borrowing money, so I've been feeling a bit boring with my outfits lately. UNTIL... I was about to chuck a top out for no fitting me properly any more when I was hit with the usual guilt about  throwing something in the actual bin (it's a Primark top, it's misshapen and old, noone else would wants it etc.) when I had a flash of inspiration. Here is my very own skirt top ! Haha ...

The top skirt is stripy and at my feet is an old type writer that doesn't work any more :( And some loo roll for Grumpy Monkeys hay fever. 

Peace and Lush xo


darwin said...

clothing bank... google one close to you, thats where all my misshapen clothes go. and just think you could be clothing a homeless person! callll me soon

Delilah said...

I saw one the other day actually, good thinking ! I can't phone you because I've lost my phone and I'm not allowed to call mobiles from the landline :S