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A story

I'll tell a story...

The End.
By Molly and "Lush Rich"



I went to Oxford with a friend of mine and we took some photos. But they aren't very good because it was the first time I'd used my camera, and it was really hot and we were tired blah blah blah...


View Points

Me and my sisters wanted some ice cream.
So I drove, and we took my camera...

We got our Ice Cream :D


Little Sis

On the way home me and Big Sis discovered that we both had a certain point of our journey home that we always wanted to photograph when we drove that way.

It turned out it was the same tree that we both wanted to photograph :)

We went at a good time too because the sky looked amazing..

I had another place I wanted to take a photo of which was this part of the road where you come up over a hill and then the road wiggles down infront of you between two fields. I love it.

Before we finished our journey home I wanted a photo of the texture of all the clouds and I've always liked those horizon sillouhette shots so I tried my own, and I actualy quite like the outcome !

With thanks to these two

Alice In Wonderland

Ellies themed 18th birthday party.

Some Family pictures

These were taken at a family gathering we had. The tiny tot is one of a measly two cousins I have, and the only that lives in England .

A whole new world

Yayyyy :)
Well I finally saved up enough money to buy my brand new camera which I am very excited about. It is the Canon 450d which I am so happy with.
I can now post so of the photos I have taken with it. Ill seperate each set into a new post and date/ title them.
I aim to share my vision with the world around us.
Only joking, well ind of, I'm not really a ponce but I do want a career in photography so I thought I;d start making some steps towards getting my photos out there.
I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them :)