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Uni Cycle?

So I had a busy day today , went off to London with college to go to a Uni fair of all the art and design unis, VERY heplful being able to talk to real people instead of reading blurb off a screen. HELLO NEWPORT you cheeky thing, where have you been hiding? And Bath Spa you keep getting better and better. How am I ever going to decide where to go? Anyway I just found out that Ryan McGinley had a show in London in September, GUTTED that I only just found out seeing as it closed a month ago. I can't believe it. Paris in two weeks though.



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I'm in college doing not alot. I am still so sick this is gross. I am supposed to collect fonts so if anyone comes across any interesting ones please send them my way, Thanks :)


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Beautiful things

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Epic Fail

So I shot a 36 exposure film, LADS of stuff on there, some candid shots and then some long exposures at a fun fair and then shots in Bristol on a college trip...

But my camera didn't wind it back when I tried and so the whole film is fogged and I'm really annoyed :@

Ill have to find another one to shoot, I'm most gutted about the fun fair pictures :(

Here is a picture I took the other day. We have been doing this project at Youth club creating a CD of beatz for break dancers to dance to and me and Adam are designing the CD cover so I took a bunch of pictures to use.