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OH MY GAAAAAAAAD I havent been on here for over a month. Hi world Im alive. I was working too much. So i quit my job. Now I can take lots of photos. Today my boyfriend took me to this abandoned mental hospital and we got inside and took lots of photos. Then I got scared, scardey cat. Here are some of the good photos we took, I'll put little captions to eplain some of them. Enjoy....

These were on the shelf with the wine and sherry.. You can see the date of the prescription in the bottom right corner of the lable.

We found these like this. Maybe someone had set it up to take a photo before us. In this room I found discarded slides from and presentation about dementia.

Funny little conrol panels all over the place.


Might need to click the photo to see this one bigger but I found this just lying on the floor in one of the Doctors offices. Maybe a patient wrote it, or someone else messing around...

Anyway it was really interesting to see inside the place. I loved it. It was creepy though !!!
Id love to write about the actual photos abouht composition and lighting and tingz... but im tired and santas coming tonight so i need to be good and go to sleep.
So good night and maybe ill write about them tomorrow.
Bye bye
p.s thanks adam



my scanner dont work so i cant put up loads of photos ive taken
i havent taken any photos in ages either
il take my camera t bath tomorrow tough see what i can see
mate i feel rough


quick info

all but one of the photos on this blog were taken by me. the one of the three apples was taken by eena but i really like it so i put it up. i should have said that earlier. anyway from now on i am putting copyright things on all my photos but just because older ones dont have my stamp on them doesnt mean thier not mine. dont steal my photos pleaseyyyyy

not that im tooting my horn and saying thier good enough for people to want to steal
but ya knowwww ....


Passion for fashion

I've enetered a competition to win a day at a Matt Irwin photoshoot.
I entered these 4 images

The creepy house

i took that last image ages ago i just found it again and liked it haha

Are you ready to live yet?

Im not going to miss certain things when I move away. Im going out to take photos today. I just want to be alone but I feel really lonley. lose lose. blaaahhhhhh


dick head

i left my camra in my car at my friends house last night so no photos
but today some woman at work said the fair goes to cirencester next so i think ill follow it.
also i have a massive spot on my forehead so i am in a bad mood
good night



Im going to a a fun fair tonight
Im going to get lots of cool pictures
I am hungry so bye bye




Today me and Eena went to Cheltenham University Of Glouster or whatever it's called.
And dcided to drop out of our shitty course at Swindon College to there in 2009.
In the mean time we are going to move to Bristol to live and work !
I instantly feel happier cos I've elt really down for like a month. I realised it was because I was so disappointed by our course. So now we are quitting i can write on here just how much I hated pretty much everyone in our cass.(Except for th indian girl, Pip, Peter and Sarah). Everyone else was REALLy annoying and always wanted to leave early. Anyway, Im very excited and so i you know any cheap places for rent in Bristol or any Photraphers assisstant jobs then please let me know !!
And also, I got some films developed today and some of thephotos came out amazing. Ill try and scan them in and put them up :)
Happy dayysssss
Over and out


My HND photography course started which is why I havent put any photos up in ages which doesnt make sense to you but it does to me so whatever. Anyway Ill put some photos up.

Here are some from Avebury...

I was going to put some more up but thier crap cos we've only ben to crap locations. I did go to bath but the best photos on my camera weren't taken by me and it was depressing but enlightening.



DAYSSSSS I haven't posted on here in ages not that anyone reads this. If you are reading this pease leave some kind of comment?
Anyway I've been to loads of places so here we are. Lets start with...

Richmond Park

Swanage, Dorset



That took ages to get round to do


A story

I'll tell a story...

The End.
By Molly and "Lush Rich"



I went to Oxford with a friend of mine and we took some photos. But they aren't very good because it was the first time I'd used my camera, and it was really hot and we were tired blah blah blah...