Things I do, make or like



Please enjoy my two new favourite videos while reading my make up review. My hunt for the perfect eye brow pencil is over. Finally !

O.K So today I went on the hunt for 3 things:
1. Lip/ Cheek Tint
2. Grey nail varnish
3. Bronzer

And low and be hold SuperDrug are doing a 3 for £5 offer !! Now normally I am a snob. But a girl must make compromises when she hasn't had a job for almost 8 months. So I gave it a go. The brand is called 2True (Classy, I know) So I bought a bronzer (Shade 2) Rose Tinted Stain for lips and cheeks but they didn't have any nice shades of nail varnish. THEN I spotted the eyebrow pencils. I have been searching high and low for the perfect budget eye brow pencil. I think I've bloody found it !!! It's a really nice natural colour (Shade No. 1) and it's not cakey at all. I'm so happy. 

So the bronzer was a whim as I have never bought bronzer before so I thought I'm useless on going on recommendations, you have to go on what works for you. I bought Shade 2 by accident but it's quite a versatile little number. I'm quite pale so it's quite dark for me, but used in moderation it gives a nice colour, and it blends really easily as well which is nice.It's also quite matte for a bronzer so I'll be able to use it to contour. Now I just need to get my hand on an Eelf Coffee and Cream duo as recommended by lillieloves on youtube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zvDCdnwvauc&feature=channel

The lip and cheek tint (mouthful!) is also laaavly. It's a very subtle flirty pink colour, it smells like cheap perfume but it's a lush colour.

This post is way too long ! Love yaz bye xo  



Effing WAIT to get to university. I feel as if I'll be free when I get there. In the mean time I have a new mantra "I can do what ever I want !"  It's working out great. I don't get stressed when people drive up my bum cos they think I'm going too slow, because I can do what I want. I don't have to unload the dishwasher if I don't want to because frankly I can do what I want. If I want to go to college I will, if I want to stay at home and do my work I will !! It's amazing, I don't feel like I have to please anyone any more. Obviously though my incessant niceness works well with this mantra because there's still plenty of things I want to do. Like make my boyfriend a cup of tea every morning he stays over. And I still want to cook all the meals at home, which is good because I'm not very good at being hungry. So all in all I'd recommend to everyone to tell them selves every day "I can do what I want"... although I'd advise minimal caution and reason. Key word being minimal.


I present to you ...

Chocolate Fudge Cake
With really little fat in it. So technically this is healthy chocolate cake.

Shame I don't really like chocolate !! Anyway it's not very tall as it's deliciously rich with a big thick chocolate fudgy icing ! Beautiful.

Click the picture to get an eyeful !


The belly rules the mind

I love cooking, and I love eating.Here are some things I'v made this week..

Lovely yummy spinach cannelloni with 4 cheese sauce. I had to improvise and use lasagne to wrap the meat in as I didn't have any cannelloni tubes. It was delicious all the same ! 

Thai Green Curry with king prawns and fragrant rice. The fragrant rice was easy peasy to make and so delicious ! I drank half a bottle of wine while making this and it was still super tasty, and so simple it might become a staple in my diet. I really liked this recipe as it's easy to play around with what vegetables to add etc. Yummy

Chocolate cake to come...


eBay win !

My new skirt :) (£6 from eBay, its super soft and not see through!!) In this photo its sitting over my bust as its very long, but in the summer I'll wear it as a strapless dress with a belt and cool tights. On the floor behind me is my 3 disc Stevie Wonder collection I recently acquired. 


Kiss Me Deadly

I took a photo of the Kiss Me Deadly book cover that I love so much. I also photographed 4 of my other favourite book covers. 

Kiss Me Deadly By Mickey Spillane

Panties - A Brief History

Trillions By Nicholas Fisk

How To Be Good By Nick Hornby

And my all time favourite book ever, The Virgin Suicides By Jeffrey Eugenides



Polka dot

bikini? Not quite but I did find this lovely little number in TESCO of all places. Don't tell anyone ! I think I have thing for polka dots at the moment, I bought a Mary Quant polka dot body recently ! 

I feel that I have

Neglected this place recently! I have had uni interviews and weekends away. But I am here. Hello. Hello me. No one else reads this. I was given some money for easter which was lucky becuase on Easter Sunday I found this gorgeous piece of silver ware !!  I love it it's gorgeous. I have also recently decorated my room and found a home for my record player and records much to my delight. I have revived my love for the Beatles in a big way. Lady Madonna is a firm favourite for dancing to at the moment.

Summer has arrived

...and finally I can wear my denim shorts and my lovely new top my mama bought me :) Can't wait for lazy days and long evenings !


Kiss Me, Deadly

I've started reading a book called Kiss Me, Deadly by mickey Spillane, it's amazing, it starts off with a brilliant entrance from our femme fatale and the action begins. It's not a slow read and so far I'd describe the characters with three S's, Slinky, Sexy, and Sly !! I was drawn to the book by the cover, however I can't find an image of it on the internet so I'll have to scan it in... HOWEVER... I have found some alternatives and some movie posters which  I LOVE just as much... have a ganders !

This last one is my favourite !

Hello Miffy

Created in 1955 Miffy was ahead of her times. Minimalistic lines and block, primary colours made her quite futuristic looking back. I LOVE Miffy, she stars on over 50 stories. As much as I love HelloKitty I think I definatly prefer Miffy :) xo