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Please enjoy my two new favourite videos while reading my make up review. My hunt for the perfect eye brow pencil is over. Finally !

O.K So today I went on the hunt for 3 things:
1. Lip/ Cheek Tint
2. Grey nail varnish
3. Bronzer

And low and be hold SuperDrug are doing a 3 for £5 offer !! Now normally I am a snob. But a girl must make compromises when she hasn't had a job for almost 8 months. So I gave it a go. The brand is called 2True (Classy, I know) So I bought a bronzer (Shade 2) Rose Tinted Stain for lips and cheeks but they didn't have any nice shades of nail varnish. THEN I spotted the eyebrow pencils. I have been searching high and low for the perfect budget eye brow pencil. I think I've bloody found it !!! It's a really nice natural colour (Shade No. 1) and it's not cakey at all. I'm so happy. 

So the bronzer was a whim as I have never bought bronzer before so I thought I'm useless on going on recommendations, you have to go on what works for you. I bought Shade 2 by accident but it's quite a versatile little number. I'm quite pale so it's quite dark for me, but used in moderation it gives a nice colour, and it blends really easily as well which is nice.It's also quite matte for a bronzer so I'll be able to use it to contour. Now I just need to get my hand on an Eelf Coffee and Cream duo as recommended by lillieloves on youtube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zvDCdnwvauc&feature=channel

The lip and cheek tint (mouthful!) is also laaavly. It's a very subtle flirty pink colour, it smells like cheap perfume but it's a lush colour.

This post is way too long ! Love yaz bye xo  

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