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Haven't been on here in a while. Christmas was fine, put on a stone pretty much.

£42 =

Love Bicyce Bike

This is how it started

This is where it is now :) More to come  <3


I look dead but this is the top I customized for Friday night.



Rob Ryan

I found a refernce to this guy on another blog so I looked him. My sister got given a book by him a couple of years ago, I think it's incredible. I love birds, and I love the words on the second piece I've posted here. I think it's full of wisdom. Love.


I made potato stamps...

So one of my rojects at college was to create a logo for an imaginary company. So I choose Love Bicycle. I decided to create a company that makes bicycle accessories for Chic Cyclists in the city. So bike pumps, tool kits, and bells. The crest is hand drawn and all uneven and is supposed to resemble handle bars decorated with flowers ! I almost wish this company existed :)

My logo for "Love Bicycle"
The products that my logo might be found on.
Potato stamped letters
Me hard at work
One of stamps. Is it a C or is it an O? It had to double up hehe





Finally got some of my photos from Paris developed. Unfortunately one of the black and white films didn't come out. I almost hit the girl behind the counter when she told me. Then I remembered it wasn't her fault. Anyway, I have cropped some of these because the lens I had with me was quite wide angled so I got a lot in each shot but anyway... ENJOY ! ... (P.S DON'T FORGET to click for bigger views of each shot)

View of the Eiffel Tower from he Louvre courtyard.

Some quit sweet graffiti in the arch way leading from the Louvre
A half peeled sticker on one one the lovely ornate lamp posts
Someone else spreading the love on a pillar
The Gare De Lest, our local metro station that happened to be housed behind these fantastic arches
EVERYONE cycles EVERYWHERE ! So many bikes everyhere, with baskets on the front, the back bent wheels, big chains, front lights, no lights, no saddles... the list is endless they were amazing !
Oops.. wrong way. Found him hiding in a little alley way whilst taking a short cut to the Gare De Lest !
The view from my hotel window, quite the little sun trap in the day. I took this when we first arrived at sunset.
The Sacre Coeur, where Amelie was filmed ! I was so excited. We came back and rode the Merry Go Round twice.
The view from the Sacre Coeur. 1 second shutter speed :S ! Beautiful view, feels like your standing on the top of the world.
Metro metro !
Look at the size of his... GUN! All the police had massive weapons !
Hannah Morgan looking suave at the Louvre.
Lovely trees along every street of lovely apartment blocks. One day one shall be mine.
A bird climbing a building. If you look closely you can see a man popping his head out of the window.


Uni Cycle?

So I had a busy day today , went off to London with college to go to a Uni fair of all the art and design unis, VERY heplful being able to talk to real people instead of reading blurb off a screen. HELLO NEWPORT you cheeky thing, where have you been hiding? And Bath Spa you keep getting better and better. How am I ever going to decide where to go? Anyway I just found out that Ryan McGinley had a show in London in September, GUTTED that I only just found out seeing as it closed a month ago. I can't believe it. Paris in two weeks though.



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I'm in college doing not alot. I am still so sick this is gross. I am supposed to collect fonts so if anyone comes across any interesting ones please send them my way, Thanks :)


Wish List

Beautiful things

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