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Finally got some of my photos from Paris developed. Unfortunately one of the black and white films didn't come out. I almost hit the girl behind the counter when she told me. Then I remembered it wasn't her fault. Anyway, I have cropped some of these because the lens I had with me was quite wide angled so I got a lot in each shot but anyway... ENJOY ! ... (P.S DON'T FORGET to click for bigger views of each shot)

View of the Eiffel Tower from he Louvre courtyard.

Some quit sweet graffiti in the arch way leading from the Louvre
A half peeled sticker on one one the lovely ornate lamp posts
Someone else spreading the love on a pillar
The Gare De Lest, our local metro station that happened to be housed behind these fantastic arches
EVERYONE cycles EVERYWHERE ! So many bikes everyhere, with baskets on the front, the back bent wheels, big chains, front lights, no lights, no saddles... the list is endless they were amazing !
Oops.. wrong way. Found him hiding in a little alley way whilst taking a short cut to the Gare De Lest !
The view from my hotel window, quite the little sun trap in the day. I took this when we first arrived at sunset.
The Sacre Coeur, where Amelie was filmed ! I was so excited. We came back and rode the Merry Go Round twice.
The view from the Sacre Coeur. 1 second shutter speed :S ! Beautiful view, feels like your standing on the top of the world.
Metro metro !
Look at the size of his... GUN! All the police had massive weapons !
Hannah Morgan looking suave at the Louvre.
Lovely trees along every street of lovely apartment blocks. One day one shall be mine.
A bird climbing a building. If you look closely you can see a man popping his head out of the window.

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