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I made potato stamps...

So one of my rojects at college was to create a logo for an imaginary company. So I choose Love Bicycle. I decided to create a company that makes bicycle accessories for Chic Cyclists in the city. So bike pumps, tool kits, and bells. The crest is hand drawn and all uneven and is supposed to resemble handle bars decorated with flowers ! I almost wish this company existed :)

My logo for "Love Bicycle"
The products that my logo might be found on.
Potato stamped letters
Me hard at work
One of stamps. Is it a C or is it an O? It had to double up hehe


darwin said...

coooool.i want to do it....also i spoke to my firend (adams friend) byron and he does graphics at falmouth and would really recomend it...http://wearecollective.blogspot.com/

Anonymous said...

Oh dear
steel a stamp idea