Things I do, make or like


I've been busy and also sad so I haven't posted in an age. Here's a depressing book cover that is as equally beautiful from one of my favourite blogs "http://bookcoversanonymous.blogspot.com/" Anyway I'd hate to depress you all so I'll post again
 when I'm happy again. Peace and Broccoli



I can't wait to see my girlfriends again tonight :) They are back for the summer after leaving for Uni all year ! All mine again in the glorious days of bare feet, long nights, pink roller blades and lots of vodkalemon&limes *



I think this is like £400 worth of stuff, and with the £200 Luella bag I want that adds up to 600 times the amount of money in my purse mmm


I decided to celebrate

My 100th post with gothic anti christ nails


why does noone follow me :( I have no real life friends and no blog friends :(

an emo post to go with my emo nails rah haha
Im going shopping tomorrow with two girlfriends I haven't seen in time. Gunna be good if I can find ome moola xo

p.s cba with real english today
Just at college at the moment printing out all the magazine layouts i've been working on. 
It's taking a while to do everything as everyone is vying for my tutors attention, and the printer is super quality so it takes a bit of time to come out. But the first two are looking fabbo !

Here are some things I'm looking at/ thinking about right now

so here is a brilliant idea I just came across

Keep those pesky cables under control  !

Beautiful photo from glassoflight.com

I really enjoy Richard Kerns work at the moment and watching interviews with him

I would kill to drive around in this !

I really wish I was eating this right now
Send it my way bbcgoodfood.com


The truth

Here's a photo of me from when I lived on the moon

As you can tell I've done LOADS of work tonight...



Like buses

I don't post for ages and then I most multiple !

I forgot to mention something funny. This morning when lots of people were sitting in exam halls, I was too! I took my GCSE's 4 years ago, my A Levels 2 years ago. I was an invigilator !! Oh my GOODNESS it is the most boring job. Anyway, the funny part is that while all the kids with nerves and apprehension sat biting their nails and writing their answers, I was the one running out of the room nearly passing out ! I think it was the fumes from the floor covering and the lack of ventilation. 

Here are is a photo I just took:

And here is a little photo of me. I've sold a lot of my clothes over he last few months as I haven't had a job and I don't like borrowing money, so I've been feeling a bit boring with my outfits lately. UNTIL... I was about to chuck a top out for no fitting me properly any more when I was hit with the usual guilt about  throwing something in the actual bin (it's a Primark top, it's misshapen and old, noone else would wants it etc.) when I had a flash of inspiration. Here is my very own skirt top ! Haha ...

The top skirt is stripy and at my feet is an old type writer that doesn't work any more :( And some loo roll for Grumpy Monkeys hay fever. 

Peace and Lush xo


I acquired 2 new followers :) I love to see my following counter go up ! Hello lovely new followers, say hi some time, I like having things to reply to and also hearing peoples input so don't be afraid to leave a little comment.

Today I'm loving:
*Paul Simon
*Barry M nail varnish
*Grumpy Monkey

Today I'm not loving:
*Writers block
*Selfishness - it wont get you anywhere stupid girl

www.eyeslipsface.co.uk have free shiping atm, check out their FB page (e.l.f cosmetics) for the code. Someone buy some tasty treats, I love their stuff but I don't have any money at the moment so someone else needs to be made happy by cheap treats. Maybe I'll do an Elf give away so you can all see how lovely the products are :)
Anyone else bought stuff there?
I'm moving to Bath soon and there is a MAC store there... good bye loan !

Mr Scruff is so amazing, his music ALWAYS cheers me up ! Who is your go to band when you're feeling poo? Mine is Mr Scruff or The Yeah Yeah Yeah's, although I could listen to The YYY's any time of nigh or day. I could listen to them and noone else for the rest of my life and not get bored !

If you had to choose just one band to listen to for the rest of your life who would it be?
Maybe we'll all find a new favourite band in the comments :)

Peas and Love xo




Finished "Choose Death"
Started this post
Just ate a mini twix - nice and crunchy out of the fridge


My computer freezes trying to render type
I get 1/10 annoyed.


I manage to work out what I'm trying to do and am no longer annoyed. My computer unfroze.
I can feel wrinkles forming on my face from the stress !
Having major trouble working out my page numbers. 3/10 annoyed.

Cracks page numbers by having to be a dumb as and write them down. I wrote them down wrong TWICE. third time lucky.
I'm glad Eddie Vedder just came on to calm me.
Annoyance back down to zero.

I've forgotten what I'm doing now.

Have finished two more layouts. Bloody hell. This is taking time.

Thought I was done, then realised I've completely forgotten one of the pages. OOPS.
Better crack on.

IT'S BEING SO SLOW. Although I'm surprised my laptop hasn't cut out yet. TOUCH WOOD

Third page completed.
Just realised some of he stuff I did at College today hasn't saved onto my stick. FU technology. Now I have t stop wha I'm doing to empty the dish washer. My least favourite chore.

JPEGS of layouts could be put up if you want to see them? Layouts of my magazine I've created btw. Did I tell you all about that? Can't remember let me know !

Love and Peachy Bums



I was there

Wish upon a star

Lying in my haven in Sleepy Kittens T-Shirt and my pants, listening to the 'relax' play list on www.stereomood.com (recommended), with Sleepy Kitten asleep on the bed. Wearing my Barry M mint green nail polish which went on without a smudge, and 3 pieces of work complete around me and a list of fun things to do. 

I wish every day was like this.

Yesterday I bough the Bourjois Paris Lovely Rouge lipstick in 02 Rose essentiel. £2 was a nice price to take a risk and I won. It's perfect. It's replacing my staple red lip. I'm going to wear it every day this summer.  

I cherish days like this from the moment I wake up until I fall asleep at night. On days like this I get things done and I cook nice food. On bad days I think of days like this and try and motivate myself.  On days like this I feel peaceful and wish for every day to be the same. I promise that when my life is made up of a succession of good days I won't take a single one of them for granted.