Things I do, make or like


I decided to celebrate

My 100th post with gothic anti christ nails


why does noone follow me :( I have no real life friends and no blog friends :(

an emo post to go with my emo nails rah haha
Im going shopping tomorrow with two girlfriends I haven't seen in time. Gunna be good if I can find ome moola xo

p.s cba with real english today


Kim said...

Delilah i love your blog.
all my followers came suddenly one day, it will happen. to quote you - "like buses".
Thank you so much for your lovely comment, and all the rest you have ever left. You are just wonderful. You are right i do get far too excited about my letters. It's so fun. Do you have any pen pals? They are the best things ever. x.x.x

Delilah said...

Haha I feel like such an emo now ! Thank you for your kind words, and don't worry I'm not put off blogging ;) many more posts and comments to come !

I don't have any pen pals, I used to when I was younger, I think I might make more effort to write to my friends next year when I'm at Uni. Facebook seems to have killed traditional forms of communication ! xoxo

darwin said...

the point of having a blog should be for you so dont worry about it

Delilah said...

I know it was just an emo moment. Lowri and Grace are back now and DFace is back on Sunday woohoo ! No more emo moments haha xo