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Wish upon a star

Lying in my haven in Sleepy Kittens T-Shirt and my pants, listening to the 'relax' play list on www.stereomood.com (recommended), with Sleepy Kitten asleep on the bed. Wearing my Barry M mint green nail polish which went on without a smudge, and 3 pieces of work complete around me and a list of fun things to do. 

I wish every day was like this.

Yesterday I bough the Bourjois Paris Lovely Rouge lipstick in 02 Rose essentiel. £2 was a nice price to take a risk and I won. It's perfect. It's replacing my staple red lip. I'm going to wear it every day this summer.  

I cherish days like this from the moment I wake up until I fall asleep at night. On days like this I get things done and I cook nice food. On bad days I think of days like this and try and motivate myself.  On days like this I feel peaceful and wish for every day to be the same. I promise that when my life is made up of a succession of good days I won't take a single one of them for granted.


Kim said...

this is a lovely post, so perfect. i have the baby blue barry m nail varnish i was going to buy the mint green. I might go back for it. i wish i could wear lipstick. I cannot work it, i look like a drag queen :(

Delilah said...

It's such a nice colour, I would def go back for it I might go and get the baby blue now you've mentioned it haha. I doubt the drag queen remark ! You just haven't found your shade yet xo

Kim said...

This was a very successful post, Barry M will be happy, we should reps. I feel ever so girly. I don't really do make-up. only mascara really.

Lipstick is awful on me, i want to wear it though. I might browse for the right colour, if it's out there.x

Delilah said...

I love make up. When ever I go out I always style myself up up as someone, last time it was Edie Sedgwick, tuned down a little. Probably gunna be Brigitt Bardot next time I go out. Keep browsing :) good luck xo