Things I do, make or like


The belly rules the mind

I love cooking, and I love eating.Here are some things I'v made this week..

Lovely yummy spinach cannelloni with 4 cheese sauce. I had to improvise and use lasagne to wrap the meat in as I didn't have any cannelloni tubes. It was delicious all the same ! 

Thai Green Curry with king prawns and fragrant rice. The fragrant rice was easy peasy to make and so delicious ! I drank half a bottle of wine while making this and it was still super tasty, and so simple it might become a staple in my diet. I really liked this recipe as it's easy to play around with what vegetables to add etc. Yummy

Chocolate cake to come...


rachelrose said...

all of these look so delicious! i just had breakfast and you're making me hungry already. oh, dear!
where did you find the recipes?

Delilah said...

I didn't see your comment there ! The recipe for the canneloni I made up and the curry is from the book "Cook Yourself Thin" I find a lot of recipes online just by google-ing too xo