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OH MY GAAAAAAAAD I havent been on here for over a month. Hi world Im alive. I was working too much. So i quit my job. Now I can take lots of photos. Today my boyfriend took me to this abandoned mental hospital and we got inside and took lots of photos. Then I got scared, scardey cat. Here are some of the good photos we took, I'll put little captions to eplain some of them. Enjoy....

These were on the shelf with the wine and sherry.. You can see the date of the prescription in the bottom right corner of the lable.

We found these like this. Maybe someone had set it up to take a photo before us. In this room I found discarded slides from and presentation about dementia.

Funny little conrol panels all over the place.


Might need to click the photo to see this one bigger but I found this just lying on the floor in one of the Doctors offices. Maybe a patient wrote it, or someone else messing around...

Anyway it was really interesting to see inside the place. I loved it. It was creepy though !!!
Id love to write about the actual photos abouht composition and lighting and tingz... but im tired and santas coming tonight so i need to be good and go to sleep.
So good night and maybe ill write about them tomorrow.
Bye bye
p.s thanks adam

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Anonymous said...

Did i tell you this was where i was brought up :)

Thanks for letting me use your lovly Camera today..