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I haven't posted in nearly a week. Sorry my few followers ! This might be a long one!

Disposable fashion
I've watched tons of make-up tutorial videos on youtube recently because I felt boring with my make-up and wanted to play around with it but didn't know where to start. So I've learnt loads which has been great and bought a few great new products which were recommended. Great ! I also like to watch, as a guilty pleasure, haul videos, and I was watching this one and this girl kept going on about how she loves cheap fashion stores and disposable clothes. Oh my god, I was a bit disgusted ! A few days later an old friend came over (and I love her) but I was shocked to hear how she will buy a couple vests for a couple of quid, rotate them for the month, and then chuck them in the bin. Literally in a bin, not in a charity bag or a recycling unit ! I hate this idea!! About a year ago I stopped shopping in Primark because their clothes don't last, and when you've gotten over them, charity shops won't take them and you end up putting them in the bin ! I have a feeling this stems from people trying harder and harder to be "fashionable" ! You buy every trend that it's season at an affordable price, then chuck it all out ready for next season. To save me ranting on for ages I'm going to summarise. Why don't we all take a leaf out of French women's books and rotate the same wardrobes of classic pieces every season/ year, updating them with key trend accessories/ odd piece? I'm not an eco-warrior but I do think it's such a waste to be so frivolous with clothes, when really it's a luxury to be able to choose what we wear ! What do you reckon?

Also, don't you just hate it when you don't have plans for month and then suddenly everything happens at once ! 

I've got a £15 voucher to spend in Top Shop but I don't really like Top Shop, dos anyone have any suggestions of what I could spend it on? I'm looking for a nice classic handbag at the moment, has anyone seen any nice ones? 

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 Kim said...

http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/1000ml-1ltr-1-litre-handmade-glass-tea-pot-teapot-/260598353920?cmd=ViewItem&pt=UK_Home_Garden_Food_SM&hash=item3cacdf5000#ht_500wt_928 ahhh you have inspired me. It would look especially gorgeous with fruit/herbal tea in it. x

Delilah said...

That's amazing ! My parents had some blooming jasmine tea (as mentioned in the listing) and it was amazing, it would look so so good in hat tea pot xo

darwin said...

you should read my dissertation... it's all about what you just spoke about... i think there is a copy on papas comp haha