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As you may or may not know I am doing a foundation in Graphic Design at College at the moment. It is the end of the year and like every one I have a final major project.

I've set myself the task of creating a new magazine. The idea behind my magazine is that it's sort of a 'word of mouth' publication, in that readers will provide ideas of what they wish to spread the word about so the idea would be that they'd write in and recommend something to be investigated, or they would send in pieces to be published etc.

Bands - This us where you come in ! Instead of boring adverts throughout the pages of my  publication, I would have flyers from bands, charities, events, things that would be of interest and use to my readers, independent record shops and boutiques, what ever you can think of. (A donation would be made or even sponsorship would become established if this were a real project to keep it afloat obviously) 

ANYWAY I need your band flyers to put in my pages, as all the content is live I need flyers for real shows/ releases. Think you can help? Send me a link to your flyer or post them in my comments. If your friends bands are playing shows send me theirs !  I would love to see them all and also you'd all be helping me out loads ! 

Thanks Peace and Love xo


Tex said...

if anything comes up i will send it! would the album cover be of any use? it will be released 21st of june...

vliin said...

(that was me, the above post :D)

Delilah said...

Album cover would be fabulousss :) Thanks chick ! xo