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A haul with a difference

So I've been trying to have a more positive outlook in time for the end of college and my last official summer at home, so I've been forcing myself out of bed before 9 more than once a fortnight. I love early mornings as I always feel I get a lot more done in the morning if I get up early, than if I stayed up late and did stuff in the evening. So last week a friend and I met at 8.30 for a swim, and then we went for a walk to our local bluebell woods which were BEAUTIFUL at 9 in the morning (I can't swim lengths for long yet but I'll le you know when I hit an hour straight) So I can't wait to get that roll developed. 

This morning my boyfriend and I got up at 8 pulled on some clothes (ERROR I put on jeans... it was like 25degrees and I swear I sweated off a few pounds in my little denim sauna) and off we popped to the biggest car boot sale in the county. Bloody hell we had to que for half an hour to get in but BOY was it worth it.

Cowboy Boots - 50p !!!
Tin - 50p also (I'm using it as a pencil tin for now to show it off ;) )
KODAK MAN BADGE - £2 for 6, we bought the lot because we loved them so much. One has a little home on my make up bag. 

I love car boot sales, I always seem to find such a great bargains, and  don't mind buying second hand. There was this gorgeous tea set I found, my second error of the day was not buying it. 

Is it just me who sops second hand for everything in my life? Or do you find treats in charity shops, car boots and flea markets? Let me know what treasures you've found !


Sarah said...

what lovely treasure you found!! I love gettig up early too but it has become increasingly difficult haha

 Kim said...

DELILAH! YOU ARE AMAZING!! you are a much much cooler version of me. I love vintage tins, i literally have an affinity towards them. I have to buy them, and then i have to buy little pretty things to put in them. Vicious circle really. Those boots are amazing- 50p, that's unreal, what a find. x

Delilah said...

Some times I find it so hard to get out of bed too Sarah, especially when it's dark but these bright mornings have helped !

I think my collection has just began Kim ! I couldn't believe it when he said 50p for the boots and my size too :)

darwin said...

arg when i come home im making sure im around on a sunday and your taking me.... london car boots are expensive man!