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Here's a long awaited photo of the macaroons I made for my Birthday Lunch :) 


daisy kate said...

They look SO yummy!

And to anybody with as good a taste as I to be reading this blog, please check out mine if you get a minute at leather, lace and studs and let me know what you think! you can enter my competition to win a luella bag charm here too! thank you :)

Delilah said...

They were super tasty ! And messy to make eep!

Paige Baker said...


Delilah said...

I think they're going to become a staple in my diet

 Kim said...

We don't get macaroons in england :( things called whoppies have just hit the uk though. i don't know whether they are similar? They look amazing though i wish i could try one :). x.

Delilah said...

Kimmyyyy I live in Wiltshire! I saw hundreds of Macaroons in patisserie's in Paris so I got a recipe off google and whipped some up. They are simples to make so get on it chick. What are whoppies? I have never seen/ heard of these? xo

Delilah said...
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darwin said...

paul bakery do lovely macaroons!

 Kim said...

Hahaha, i feel silly. i thought they were american? i have never seen or had one.

these are whoopies-


i reckon they are the same or similar?
I'm so going to make some. I'll blog it so you can see.