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It was not your fault but mine

Hello everyone !

DO you any of you wear contact lenses? If so, have you ever stopped at a red light in your car and taken them out, only to discover that what you thought were your glasses are in fact your sun glasses and the world has suddenly gone black at half 2 in the morning half an hour away from home. Well. I have, :( Learn from my lesson everyone because it's definitely not worth learning yourself.

Anyway, so I haven't gotten any work from my flyers yet :(
But I have got halls at uni, anddd a new car. It's not new it' older than my last, so old it's an H reg with only 6 digits on the number plate and I can't find an image of it on google. It's very rock'n'roll in a time warp kind of way and I am grateful for anything these days so I feel cool driving it. ALSO LOVING that I can hook my iPod up through the tape player and play my mix tape again. Love !

I want a nice navy/ black elegant day and evening max dress. I'm awful at shopping, has anyone seen any nice ones? I want a jersey or cotton one. And it has to be a classic so I can invest in it. Not too much to ask haha. I would appreciate your help on this one.

I'm terrible at commenting you all, but everyone who I follow, and who comments/ follows me I do always check all your posts and they always make my days so thank you all for being YOU :) And I will try and comment more often. Shame on me !



darwin said...

new caaaaaar!! can i be insured please?
what is itttt?

i bought presents form paris :D

Delilah said...

Yayyy your back, ring me today if you can? I'll be at home all day. Yeah it's Chris' old Proton it is SO lush (so old) but it's lovely ! Kinda retro haha.