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Backstreets Back

Well, I am ! 

I've been away, sorry, but I'm back now with plenty to tell you. Here is a photo of a card I made my dad's friend ...

Mr. Hare

In September I'm going to Bath Spa University and on FB there was a group of people having a meet up in Bath to get to know each other before we go, so me and my boyfriend went along and took a couple of friends who aren't coming to uni, but they chipped in petrol. We had SUCH a nice day because the weather was lush and Bath is beautiful. But I have never met such rude and hostile people ! The other people who went didn't introduce themselves to us and split away from us. We were meant to meet them in a park for a picnic but when we got there and they weren't there we found out they had gone to a restaurant for lunch ! And all day they were just leaving us out. It was so strange and they were so immature about it. However they didn't ruin our day, we had so much fun anyway so it didn't matter !

I've been down on my luck recently in trying to find a job so I've taken matters into my own hands !

Also, I finished my Foundation course last week, and I got Merit for all the units so I am so pleased about that ! Really happy :)   

How have everyone's exams gone? Is anyone else SUPER excited about starting Uni in September? What are you looking forward to most? I'm looking forward to choosing my own food, and having my own space and not having to DRIVE everywhere :) I'm on the look out for a bike ! I'm also going to ask for a video camera for my belated birthday present from my parents so I can film Uni from the start. Moving in, night out and new friends :) 

What else... corr this is a long one hehe ! Oh yeah check out www.aaddaamm.co.uk I know I am biased as he is my lover but I do love his work !  Here are some favourites...

Enjoy and comment. Sorry I have been gone so long but I hope this mega post makes up for it !

ALSO I bought 2 new Barry M nail varnishes in Mushroom and Berry Ice Cream a they were 2 for £5 at Boots. I LOVE them. So nice ! Also I tried a new foundation, Barbara Daly@Tesco Oil Free, it's really nice, I would recommend it for oily skin at £7 ! 



darwin said...

dont worry... these are clearly people you dont want to be friends with anyway, they'll get a rude awakening one day. clearly scared of being on their own and the ones that are left out, seems pretty childish!

haha cool poster, got any work yet? i'll call tomorrow or over the weekend xx

Kim said...

nice to have you back. how rude are those people huh?
Well done on your foundation mrs. x.x.x

Mon Cheri said...

love Barry M nail varnish

Ignore those horrid peeps sweetie

and I love the Mr.Hare card you made <3


Delilah said...

Yeah they were prey rude, good job Uni's a big place :)

Thanks Cheri, Birthday boy loved the card too so all round it was hit I'd say ! xo