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Lady and the Tramp

I'm living like a pauper and I'm not even a Uni yet :s !!!
Came home today and had to scrape out a left over baked potato and mike it with a bit of cheese. Seriously no other food in the house. Gunna wait till half 6 when they start reducing things in Tesco to try and get some bargains for dinner. So hungry !!

Check out fashionpearlsofwisdom.blogspot.com to see details of Blog Sale Day, and also just to check out a blog that I really enjoy ! (and where I nabbed the picture from)

I will be taking part in this mass sale day by posting items up for sale on my blog. 
Terms and Conditions for my sale will follow shortly.

I am super excited. I think this is way more personal than ebay, kind of like a world wide clothes swap :) 
Is anyone else taking part? 


darwin said...

your link doesn't work

Looking Fab in your forties said...

I am honey. Lots of my Uni girls size 8 clothes, she is as skint as you, bless ya. I feel like I want to send you a food parcel! My girl just finished her first year. I have three daughters 21,19, 17 and little man who is 9. Look forward to your sale and hope you make some money honey xx

daisy kate said...

Hope you make lots of money so that you can buy some yummy food! I'm not taking part yet but I will do soon, thanks for sharing it :)

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