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Day 2.

Dear Crush,

You are so ridiculously not hot and I believe it is so creepy of me that I will never reveal who you are. You are old enough to be my father and bald enough to my grandfather but that dream I had about you was marvellous. (It was non sexual before I sound like an even bigger creeper) I'd buy a cinema sized TV so that you could be in my presence life size. 



This morning I've already picked a ton of raspberries, done some dishes, caught up with everything on my laptop  and now I'll be able to eat breakfast and read my book in the sunshine.

I'm hoping to finish off my film today then I can post some photos on here :)

I'm feeling summery


DREAMY said...

aw i have the best dreams about crushes. i'm dying to know who it is!

Maite Torres said...

im feeling summery, too i wake up tih a smile on my face because i know its summer and the sun is shinning.
ps. I like the letter, is he maybe a teacher? im just guessing because you said it was older than you so hehe

Delilah said...

You'll have to keep guessing :) He is a celebrity crush hough, I'll give you that !

I love waking up smiling, it's the best :) xo

DREAMY said...

aw thank you! i'll let you know if i think of anything.

Kim said...

i'm in love with a 60 year old celebrity, it's not healthy :(
Delilah, i seem to keep missing your posts, i have been away a while.
btw, i had my new header for a while. x.x.x

Mon Cheri said...

oo a celebrity crush?
give us another clue? lol

thanks for your lovely comment <3
good luck with the film :)

Anonymous said...

The crush thing is so funny! I have the biggest celeb crush on jason statham so I understand haha! xx