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After 2 years of posting on here I've struggled to find a direction to take this blog in. So this will be the last post. However I am no put off blogging at all. I still read and comment a lot of blogs and I've learnt lots from a lot of people. So come September when I'm all settled in to my new home I should be settled on a direction to take my blog. So keep checking back and I will post a link to a new blog when it's up and running. 

Thanks to my 9 followers and the few randoms who commented I appreciated the far and few comments I received ! 

Peace and Love


daisy kate said...

It's nearly September...:)

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Kat said...

Im sorry your blogsnot working out, i think your blog is pretty awesome!

please check out my blog and enter my giveaway :)


ShoppingAddict said...

Awww i have just came across your blog aswell.
Shame. :(

Delilah Lillie said...

Looks like I closed it down in haste ! Thank you for your kind comments everyone :) I am now working on a bigger project with my sister and few other people. I'll post the link here when it's up so check it out, it will be a million times better than XO


Delilah Lillie said...

I am please to announce my new project is up and running. Please see my newest post on here for details and to be linked to the humble of beginnings of something beautiful ( we hope ) D xo