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Mark Ryden

Formy Newport interview I have to create a piece of work based on the four elements, which is when I cam across this. I love iitttttt reminds me of wu and wu (Fiona Hewitt).

I'm inspired. Love it <3


darwin said...

i like this, i dont understand fire though....

the wangs are fucking lush! the t-shirt is perfect it's a really sheer fabric and fits perfect, i might have to get another one...

well the skirt kind of contradicts what you just asked me to help you with haha

Delilah said...

Hahaha I know I just needed something to wear and I'm skinters so I constructed something.

Good job on the t shirt, Im sure Annabel will approve.

Yeah for my newport interview I have to create a piece of art based on the four elements eek !! four different mediums etc.