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2008 has been a brilliant year
I want it to be even better so I'm taking my cameras out in my car and will post some of my pictures on here.
Each post will have a theme.
However you will have to bear with me as I haven't gt a digital camera so there will be intervals of time between films being developed depending on £££ (as everything seems to depend on nowadays).
But never fear as for now I will post some old photos just to get things started so you can see what I'm all about :)

Basicaly I photograph things that I like to look at. I have found that everyone says things in different ways, takes things in in different ways and of course see's things in different ways. I get passionate about things I see, I hoard, and I get a bit obssessed with things. If i find an artist I like I want to read everything I can find on them. I get obssessed with things I see around me and sometimes I wish I could see them more often. A photograph is permanant. ish. See the connection?

ok so i wil have to put te photos up another time cos photobuckes being a cockmunch

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